landscape design

MAKE A STATEMENT with landscape design.

A good landscape design is a vision, an interpretation of your wants and needs and how to best incorporate those into the workable space you have.  Good designs look nice, great designs look effortless and natural when built.  At Urban Gardens we are known for the creative edge and forward thinking of our owner, Dean Smouse, and the unique visions he creates.

Our landscapes deliver modern styling, in simple, clean yet classic designs.  Master plan designs include site evaluations, preliminary drawings, and a final full color, scale work master plan.  We work with you to meet your budget needs and can divide installation projects into multiple phases. Designs include cost estimates for installation.

At the Nursery

Call for an appointment to meet a landscape designer at the nursery.  Bring your property measurements, photos, and soil and lighting conditions with you.  After making a list of plants that you like, we’ll give you a list of plant material with quantities and a rough concept sketch.  Plant material will be available for purchase at the nursery.  The service is free up to 45 minutes.

At your home

A landscape designer will come to your home and discuss your landscape needs and goals. In addition, while on site they can provide a brief evaluation of your plants or a specified area.  The cost is $50 an hour – up to two hours. Fees are paid to the landscape designer at the time of the visit. Upon payment of the fee you will receive a $25 gift certificate toward your next purchase at the nursery. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Visit our portfolio page to see our design work.