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Landscape Maintenance Tips

Landscape Maintenance TipsThe temperature is dropping and it’s dropping fast. We have even started to see some snow flurries. Time is running out to get your lawn ready for winter. A few simple maintenance tasks can help make sure your lawn is healthy and ready for spring.

Landscape Maintenance Tips to get Your Lawn Ready for Winter

A beautifully landscaped home won’t stay that way for long without adequate landscape maintenance.

  1. Don’t Panic: First and foremost, don’t panic. Your lawn will naturally brown in the cold. As long as you take the following precautions, your lawn will be as green as ever come spring.
  2. Mow Your Lawn: Mow you lawn one last time before winter. This helps protect your grass. If you leave your lawn long, the grass could rot on top of itself, damaging your lawn.
  3. Trim Hedges, Trees, and Bushes: Pruning your hedges, trees and bushes, removing any decaying portions, will help ensure these plants look great come spring.
  4. Remove Debris: Just like long grass, removing leaves and other plant debris is important to the overall health of your lawn.
  5. Pre-Mulch: It is never too early to prep your spring landscape. Place about two inches of mulch in your flower beds. This will help protect your roots, helping your plants survive the harsh Maryland winter.
  6. Call Urban Gardens: From basic pruning to caring for specialty gardens, our landscape maintenance team will design a program that will keep your property looking its best all year long. We have the expertise to enhance and maintain any landscape.

Landscape Maintenance from Urban Gardens

Urban Gardens routine maintenance program ensures your property is properly cared for throughout the year. Our landscape maintenance agreement secures a spot on our schedule at least bi-annually to keep your gardens beautiful and problem free.

Our maintenance programs include:

  1. Seasonal landscape & garden clean-up
  2. Seasonal color displays (Annuals and Perennials)
  3. Tree, shrub & perennial pruning and fertilization Weed control programs
  4. Plant bed edging, mulching & weeding
  5. Outdoor Lighting service
  6. Pond and water feature service
  7. Deer control management
  8. Landscape & masonry restoration

If you’re interested in learning more about Landscape Maintenance from Urban Gardens, please contact us by calling (410) 833-4930 or visiting our website.

A Beautiful Landscape can add 20% to Home Value

Landscaping and Real EstateWhen it comes to real estate, first impressions play a big role. Did you know it takes the average homebuyer just 30 seconds to form an opinion about a home? This means that curb appeal means everything. Okay, not everything. The interior of your home still matters, but a potential homebuyer won’t even set foot inside your home if the exterior is not up to their standards. So, what is the best way to improve your home’s curb appeal?

Landscaping & Real Estate: A Beautiful Landscape can add 20% to Home Value

That’s right, not only will professional landscaping help you sell your home, but improving the curb appeal of your home could increase its value by as much as 15-20%. That’s what we like to call a win-win. This is why the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recommends you invest 10% of your home’s value in landscaping. The return on investment (ROI) makes it well worth it.

Hiring a Professional Landscaper

World renowned home improvement specialist Bob Vila recommends hiring a licensed and certified professional, like Urban Gardens. We are a unique, multidisciplinary landscape design/build firm and retail nursery serving the greater Baltimore area. We also hold several certifications and affiliations, including:

  1. Maryland Home Improvement Contractor #51725
  2. Certified Professional Horticulturalists
  3. MD Certified Pesticide Applicators
  4. NCMA, CSRWI Certified Installers
  5. ICPI Level 1 Certified Installers
  6. MDE Green Card Certified for Erosion Control
  7. PLANET members

If you’re interested in learning more about Landscaping & Real Estate, please contact Urban Gardens in Baltimore by calling (410) 833-4930 or visiting our website.

Urban Gardens – a unique, multidisciplinary landscape design/build firm and retail nursery serving the greater Baltimore area!

Landscaping Tips for Small Yards

Landscaping Tips for Small YardsAttention homeowners: just because you have a small yard doesn’t mean you have to settle for an inferior landscape. There are several ways to make your small yard seem larger than life.


Landscaping Tips for Small Yards


There are several tips and tricks you can utilize to better the visual appeal of your small yard.


  1. Focal Point: Add a focal point to your yard, such as a pergola or fire pit. However, make sure the focal point doesn’t not overtake your yard.
  2. Privacy: If you have a small yard, odds are you have close neighbors. The secret to a great landscape is privacy. Add lush plants and shrubs to help create your own personal getaway.
  3. Water Features: Fountains, waterfalls and ponds add beauty, sound, lushness and intimacy to any landscape, large or small.


However, the best way to transform your small yard is with the help of a professional landscape designer, like the ones found at Urban Gardens. We create extraordinary landscapes by combining our artistic vision, expertise and knowledge to seamlessly blend the architecture of a property with its landscape environment.


Professional Landscape Design


One of our landscape designers will meet with you to discuss your wants, needs, and any concerns you may have. We will then use this information and perform a site analysis to help design a landscape that best meets your vision and utilizes your small yard to its full potential.


Our goal is to design a solution for today’s needs, while also addressing future opportunities.


If you’re interested in learning more about Professional Landscape Design, please contact Urban Gardens in Baltimore by calling (410) 833-4930 or visiting our website.


Urban Gardens – a unique, multidisciplinary landscape design/build firm and retail nursery serving the greater Baltimore area!

Warming Your Patio for Winter

Winter Patio WarmthAfter spending lots of time and money on making sure that your landscaping is the best that it can be, the last thing you want to do is have to neglect it during the fall and winter months due to the cold weather. You still want to enjoy nights with family and friends on your carefully designed Urban Gardens patio. You may be wondering; what can I do to make my backyard a great place to be in the cold months? At Urban Gardens, we have some solutions for you.

Block the wind – Wind can be a huge deterrent in going outside during the winter. It makes the cold even colder and can chill you right to the bone. Add some sort of fencing or wind block to help keep your outdoor space warm and welcoming. You can also use trellises or arbors with blinds or winter friendly plants to block the wind.

Add a fire pit – Nothing says warm in the winter like a built in outdoor fire pit. Snuggle up with some nice throws and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy the fresh air this winter. A fire pit is great for gatherings in both summer and winter and adds a little bit of flare to your patio. You can also add to your home’s curb appeal and resale value by adding a fire pit.

Add lighting – Lighting will not actually make your outdoor space any warmer, but with the sun setting so early now, it’ll make it more welcoming and give it a warmer feel. Track lighting, accent lighting, and path lighting can all help you make your patio feel warmer and more hospitable in the cold winter months. The lighting will accent your patio nicely and can be used year round.

Don’t let your outdoor space go to waste when it gets cold. Make your patio a comfortable and welcoming place year round by using some of the tips listed above or calling Urban Gardens for some more winter patio ideas!

If you’re interested in learning more about Warming Your Patio for Winter please contact Urban Gardens in Baltimore by calling (410) 833-4930 or visiting our website.
Urban Gardens – a unique, multidisciplinary landscape design/build firm and retail nursery serving the greater Baltimore area!

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Winter Landscaping Tips

Winter Landscaping TipsIt’s starting to get colder outside and winter is just around the corner. One thing that most people neglect during the winter is their landscaping. Just because it is cold outside and snow is coming does not mean your landscaping doesn’t still need some TLC throughout the wintertime. Check out some maintenance tips from Urban Garden to keep all of that hard work preserved and ready for next spring!

Lawn – To liven your lawn back up at the end of winter, lightly spread some nitrogen fertilizer. All of those cold winter freezes can leave your grass brown and lack luster. Speaking of freezes, make sure to stay off of your grass as much as possible when it’s frozen. You should also make sure that any defrosting agent for your pavement that may eventually touch the grass is not salt based. Try something like sand instead.

Trees and Shrubs – If rain or snow is lacking in the late fall/early winter months, make sure you give your evergreens enough water to keep them ever green. Wrap any trees that may receive rodent damage to make sure that they make it through the winter. When the cold weather starts to ease a little bit, prune trees down. There is no better time to prune that at the end of winter.

Garden – Go through your bulbs and get rid of the ones that are soft or rotten and make sure that your plot is ready for spring. Get a head start on ordering seeds for the spring and planning your garden in your head so you’ll be ready to plant when the season begins.

Another great idea for winter is to start planning out what kind of landscaping you’re interested in for the spring. There is no bad time to start discussing ideas with Urban Gardens and getting a head start on your spring/summer landscaping!

If you’re interested in learning more about Landscaping Tips for Winter, please contact Urban Gardens in Baltimore by calling (410) 833-4930 or visiting our website.

Urban Gardens – a unique, multidisciplinary landscape design/build firm and retail nursery serving the greater Baltimore area!